Welcome to Anti Michael Schumacher, a website dedicated to proving that seven time Formula One World Champion Michael Schumacher is infact NOT the greatest racing driver who ever lived. As of 26 November 2012, Schumacher is no longer a Formula One driver! This website features events from 1991-2012. Do feel free to follow the twitter feed on the right and add your own contributions!

Before his 2006 retirement (which is now more described as a sebatical), Michael Schumacher was described as "the greatest racing driver of all time". Why? Because he won 7 World Driver's Championships. Statistics seem to mean more than how he got there, and if he even deserved those titles. In his 11 years at Ferrari, he beat Eddie Irvine, Rubens Barrichello and Felipe Massa by a long way, but that was by team orders, better equipment, refuelling and running other people off the road. Describing him as best RACING driver seems something of a joke, because he rarely ever overtook in normal circumstances to win his races.

After returning to F1 with Mercedes, he could barely hold a candle to team mate Nico Rosberg. People usually say Schumacher can "make a car perform better than it is capable of", but did he really? After all, he couldn't make the Mercedes do any better, Rosberg destroyed him hands down for three consecutive seasons, before retiring for a second time at the end of the 2012 season.

This tragic story begins on 25 August 1991 at Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium. Schumacher started from 7th on the grid for the Jordan Ford team, but subsequently retired on the opening lap after burning out his clutch. Many people still praise him for his "brilliance" in the Jordan to this day, but never tell the full truth. The truth of the matter is that Schumacher was 8th fastest in qualifying and team mate Andrea de Cesaris was 12th fastest. Both cars were moved up one place after Riccardo Patrese's Williams Renault was bumped back from 4th to 17th on the grid as the stewards could not find reverse gear on the Italian's car. At the German Grand Prix two races before, De Cesaris had qualified 7th fastest and Bertrand Gachot was 11th, so clearly Jordan had a good car, atleast on the fast circuits. At the start, Schumacher made up one place, while De Cesaris made up 3. On the run through Eau Rouge on the first lap, Schumacher coasted to a halt having burnt the Jordan Ford's clutch out already. After Nigel Mansell, Alain Prost and Jean Alesi stopped ahead of him, and Patrese having got past him, De Cesaris moved forward, then overtook Patrese, Nelson Piquet and Gerhard Berger and up to 2nd place, closing race leader Ayrton Senna down and soon to challenge for the lead. Two laps from the finish, the Jordan's engine blew and De Cesaris coasted to a halt.

This final aspect of Belgium 1991 is never told, for it may come across as the Jordan team having a brilliant weekend, in terms of qualifying and race performance, rather than Schumacher's driving. Burning the clutch out at the start of your very first race really isn't a brilliant thing to do.

We always hear the words "Master of Overtaking", "Wet Weather Master" and other such phrases but it's all nausiating nonesense. Schumacher got away with so much, and still did even when it seemed the race stewards were beginning to clamp down on him. Had he been penalised during, or even after, races like drivers are today, he would have barely won any of his races. And this website proves that.

Schumacher's Accident : Despite all this, we are simply Anti-Schumacher for his career. We wish him all the best following his skiing accident in December 2013.